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Environmental Management in KenGen has been integral component of business planning since the company was established. To meet all the basic environmentally sound and socially acceptable practices at the local and international level, the company initiated the implementation of ISO 14001:2004 standards. Through the EMS system, KenGen has identified and documented its significant environmental aspects and impacts on the environment and set in place interventions to manage these aspects.

The company further articulates its commitment in environmental management to the public and its stakeholders through an Environmental Policy Statement, which is also aligned with its vision and mission statements. The environmental policy statement commits the organization to compliance with applicable laws and regulations, prevention of pollution, continuous improvement and accountability to the internal and external stakeholders and the public at large.

To successfully sustain the good environmental management practices, KenGen has not only continued to commit resources in enhancing staff capacity through relevant training and awareness locally and abroad but is also taking the lead in initiating the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects of the Kyoto protocol. Currently,
six projects have been cleared by the World Bank and several others still under review.

In ensuring legal compliance with EMCA 1999, annual environmental audits are done and submitted to the National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) and Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC). All upcoming power projects are also subjected through Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) studies and issuance of permits before implementation.

Since 60% of the country’s power need is from hydro, the company is financing Catchment Preservation in all the five-catchment towers on its own and through the Kenya Energy Sector Environment Program (KEEP).

The key benefits anticipated by the company through good environmental performance and management are :-
•     Systematic and integrated approach to environmental management
•     Improved resource efficiency and waste reduction through optimal use of resources and waste reduction strategies;
•     Compliance with prescribed regulations and especially the national Environmental Management & Coordination Act 1999;
•     Institutionalization of pollution prevention strategies;
•     Achieving greater employee satisfaction;
•     Enhancing global market access with environmentally conscious partners;
•     Increasing confidence of stakeholders;
•     Continually improve economic-environmental performance and
•     Improving our public image and community relations
KenGen seeks to be at the apex of both corporate and environmental leadershi