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Ngong' Power Station is the only wind farm that is connected to the national grid. The farm on the northern part of the Ngong' Hills, near Kenya’s capital, Nairobi has a capacity of 25.5MW.

The company intends to increase its installed capacity for wind energy at the northern part of the Ngong' Hills from the current 5.1MW to 25.5MW.

The farm began with two wind turbines commissioned in 1993 as a donation from the Belgian Government. However, the two turbines have since been retired. 

The second phase of the Ngong wind farm was commissioned in August 2009 and has a capacity of 5.1 MW of power.

Work on the wind farm, which consists of six (6) Vestas V52-850kW Wind Turbines, began in May 2008.

The northern part of the Ngong' hills was chosen as the project site because KenGen had for a period of 14 years observed a favorable wind regime as measured by two experimental wind turbines which were installed on the hill in the early 1990s. This data was further supplemented by measurements taken from the site between August 2006 and August 2007.

A feasibility analysis conducted using this data confirmed that the Ngong site was capable of generating up to up to 14.9GWh of energy per year on average from a 5.1MW wind farm.