Geophysics team has expertise in geothermal exploration surveys using Magneto Telluric (MT), Transient Electro Magnetic (TEM), and gravity, seismic and magnetic techniques. The team is also active in monitoring of geothermal exploitation using gravity and seismic techniques to monitor for subsidence associated with abstraction or related to fluid re-injection.
The Geophysics Section undertakes geophysical investigations for geothermal resources that include various surface based exploration surveys for prospects delineation, reservoir assessments, and field management. The Company has modern geophysical equipment, which include a Transient Electromagnetic (TEM) instrument that has a high resolution for investigating conductivity structure of the top 1000M of subsurface, and a Magneto-Telluric (MT) equipment that is capable of collecting high resolution resistivity data up to 10,000M deep.
The services offered include:

    1. Geothermal exploration surveys using TEM, MT, Gravity, Magnetics, Microseismics, DC-Schlumberger
    2. Monitoring of subsidence using gravity method
    3. Microseismic survey for dams and dam sites, foundations, and volcanic monitoring
    4. Sediment thickness assessment in dams and lakes using seismics
    5. Microseismic monitoring of geothermal fields under exploitatio


Resistivity data collection using MT Equipment