Why KenGen

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KenGen optimizes human capital contribution and provides a work environment that continuously adds value in the provision of electric energy.

We thrive in attracting the best potential, nurture, retain professionals and energized talent within the organization as well as ensuring that we support them in expanding their skills and capabilities.

Are you looking for new challenges and responsibilities? KenGen attracts brilliance and nurtures talent but also enhances personal growth.

KenGen being an electric energy generating company we truly are proud to be a harbor of intellectuals and gifted professionals that shall nurture your talent to the next level . We promote a diverse and all inclusive culture within our workforce. Therefore, feel encouraged to apply from whichever part of the country or globe.


KenGen generates electricity from various modes including geothermal, hydro, wind and thermal sources with renewables as the dominant sources . To deliver on the Good-to Great transformation strategy, the company continuously engages a skilled workforce. Come join us.