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The Resource Development & Infrastructure (RD&I) is one of the departments under the Geothermal Development Division (GDD). Other key departments under the GDD include Reservoir and Steam field and, Engineering and Logistics. The department is headed by the manager who is responsible for overseeing the execution of daily activities. Further, the department is endowed with highly skilled and dedicated staff (Scientists and Technicians) who have extensively undergone training (both locally and internationally) on the respective fields of specialization. Presently, there are six sections under RD&I department namely, Geology, Geophysics, Geochemistry, Environment, Quality and Liason, Infrastructure and, Center of Excellence. The latter comprise of four sub-sections; Geomatics, Research and Consultancy, Information Services Unit and Geothermal Training Centre (GTC). The RD&I department is mandated to promote rapid development of geothermal resources in syc with the Company’s geothermal expansion programme. In addition, the department is tasked with promoting alternative uses of geothermal resources aside from electricity generation. Below is a snapshot of the roles performed by the various sections under RD&I department;


The Company has a well equipped Geochemistry Laboratory at the Olkaria Geothermal project. The Laboratory has analytical machines, which include an automatic Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer coupled with graphite furnace; a modern Gas Chromatrograph; an ion Chromatograph; and double beam UV- VIS Spectrophotometer; ICP Mass Spectrophotometer; among other bench analysis equipment.

The Geochemistry Team is involved in geothermal exploration surveys during which hydrothermal fluids are sampled. During the survey, radon and CO2 counts are also determined as possible indications of occurrence of geothermal resource.

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Fumeroles sampling for geo-hazard monitoring

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