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KenGen owns and operates three drilling rigs complete with all the auxiliary equipment: two electric land rigs with capacity to drill up to a depth of 7,000 meters and a national (N370) drilling rig that can drill wells up to 2,200 meters. KenGen employs innovative drilling techniques and tools that minimize cost and duration of drilling wells.

Some of the innovations realized in our drilling operations include directional drilling, manufacture of drilling detergent and use of PDC drilling bits. Over the years, the company’s staff have garnered considerable experience in drilling geothermal well having successfully drilled over 300 wells in the region.

The company offers the following drilling services:

•    Geothermal well design and drilling supervision.
•    Drilling of geothermal wells; aerated and directional.
•    Design and construction of drilling water supply system.
•    Design and construction of discharge  brine disposal systems and fluid re-circulation ponds.
•    Overhaul of heavy diesel engines and water pumps.
•    Cementing.
•    Inspections of rigs, equipment materials.



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