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Geophysics team has expertise in geothermal exploration surveys using Magneto Telluric (MT), Transient Electro Magnetic (TEM), and gravity, seismic and magnetic techniques. The team is also active in monitoring of geothermal exploitation using gravity and seismic techniques to monitor for subsidence associated with abstraction or related to fluid re-injection.
The Geophysics Section undertakes geophysical investigations for geothermal resources that include various surface based exploration surveys for prospects delineation, reservoir assessments, and field management. The Company has modern geophysical equipment, which include a Transient Electromagnetic (TEM) instrument that has a high resolution for investigating conductivity structure of the top 1000M of subsurface, and a Magneto-Telluric (MT) equipment that is capable of collecting high resolution resistivity data up to 10,000M deep.
The services offered include:

    1. Geothermal exploration surveys using TEM, MT, Gravity, Magnetics, Microseismics, DC-Schlumberger
    2. Monitoring of subsidence using gravity method
    3. Microseismic survey for dams and dam sites, foundations, and volcanic monitoring
    4. Sediment thickness assessment in dams and lakes using seismics
    5. Microseismic monitoring of geothermal fields under exploitatio


Resistivity data collection using MT Equipment

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KenGen has undertaken a number of projects for other institutions regionally and internationally. They include the following:-

  1. The Tulu Moye Geothermal Operations Plc in November 2018 issued a tender for Provision of Drilling Services for Geothermal Wells in Tulu Moye, Ethiopia. KenGen won the bid to provide geo-scientific survey and drilling eight geothermal wells. Works to begin soon
  2. KenGen in consortium with Shandong Kerui Petroleum Equipment Company Limited and Shandong Kerui Oilfield Service Company limited was awarded a contract in December 2018 by the Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) for the supply of drilling rigs and its accessories as well as rig operation and maintenance for drilling geothermal wells at Aluto, Langano in Ethiopia
  3. Geoscientific Investigations for AKIIRA an Independent Power Producer in July - August 2019
  4. Detailed geoscientific study of Barrier Volcanic Complex (BVC - use of the techniques of geology, geophysics and geochemistry to develop a geothermal conceptual model of Barrier Volcanic Complex for siting target wells for drilling in March 2019
  5. Hydrogeological survey for ground water mapping and assessment in Wajir County using geophysical methods in Jan 2019
  6. Geological studies in Djibouti- with Iceland GeoSurvey (ISOR) in 2018
  7. Seismic Refraction and multichannel analysis of surface waves (MASW) surveys for Sogea Satom Company November 2018
  8. Drilling services and water supply for AKIIRA an Independent Power Producer in 2017
  9. Well tests measurements for OrPower4, Inc, an Independent Power Producer
  10. Geoscientific Investigations of the Kapisya and Chinyunyu Geothermal Fields, Zambia
  11. Sudan geoscientific studies in Bayuda from April 2012- July 2012
  12. Geophysical investigations in Djibouti in 2008
  13. Geoscientific Investigations in the Comoros in 2008
  14. Geoscientific Investigations in Rwanda in 2008
  15. Reconnaissance survey in the Comoros in 2008

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